#RealTrapShit //NEW TRACK!// Why It A Trap by Don D Selectah //FREE!//

Holla peoples, I got some new ish for ya!

Im selftaught so It took a sec to get this big sound. I feel like Im very near the big names with this1!

What do you think?

#AUTOPLAYENABLED! Why? Cause you need to hear this even if you dont dig TRAP.

Hope you like this track as well as the message it has!

visit my Bandcamp if you want it!

Keep it 1000

Fre$$$ track! This one is wild! Called it Screaming Cobra #Dancehall #Jungle #Footwork #Xplicit

Warning! XPLICIT CONTENT This track is free via my bandcamp (click buy on the soundcloud widget and follow instructions) Feel absolutely FREE to SUPPORT my independent grind! Goal is a NET label for me and more new artists from Croatia. Cheers.