Fre$$$ track! This one is wild! Called it Screaming Cobra #Dancehall #Jungle #Footwork #Xplicit

Warning! XPLICIT CONTENT This track is free via my bandcamp (click buy on the soundcloud widget and follow instructions) Feel absolutely FREE to SUPPORT my independent grind! Goal is a NET label for me and more new artists from Croatia. Cheers.

new #remix … this one is for Japan! #HouseNation #Hiloco neroDoll

Cheers, wassup, wie gehts, come sta?

Let me hit you with an original “of the fly” remix…

Breaks over Footwork styled… You know Im all about fusion of genres. No genre is broad enough if you ask me. As long as you can wiggle and jiggle than we’re on the right path.

Keep an open ear and enjoy.