new #remix … this one is for Japan! #HouseNation #Hiloco neroDoll

Cheers, wassup, wie gehts, come sta?

Let me hit you with an original “of the fly” remix…

Breaks over Footwork styled… You know Im all about fusion of genres. No genre is broad enough if you ask me. As long as you can wiggle and jiggle than we’re on the right path.

Keep an open ear and enjoy.


Let Me Hit A Blunt (((New freebie)))

Let me hook you up with this trapizzling piece of my latest work. Its a BLUNT affair.

NOTE: I am out of LOUDNESS wars.. I am mixing with K system… running K12 a bit red… better to have to turn up volume a little than to have everything kissing the ceiling. I like dynamics btw :)

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Audio Push vs Don D Selectah – Wassup (Speed Ballin Trap Remix) #Zagreb #Undaground

Been awhile since I posted something… that is because I was hard at work! No slackin’ in the studio for yours thruly..  I even think I managed to over-exhaust my monitors which is not good! Lets hope all that is noticable on my new remix.

I am laso working on a few other original tracks so stay tuned in! Must put together that EP before this year ends!

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