Out with the old and in with the new….

Holla peeps..
I just wanted to explain why some tracks go missing from my posts …
I try to make my sound better and when I make progress my old productions take space for newer and hopefully better …
I dont think its cool to have a better produced track alongside with one thats got “issues” … and Im still perfecting my skills so there is bound to be mistakes … I am doing it all myself with help from internet … thank God there are people who are willing to share knowldege about production , without them Id be nowhere in this Music production game.

Cheers all yall who unkowingly helped me become something I wanted to… now to prove it to the world.


Did a Dj Rashad tribute #Footwork #remix ((( FREE TRACK )))

Found about djRashad a month ago, felt really sad… such a talent !
may he rest in heavenly groove!

I wanted to do a track in footwork style but since I never did this genre I almost didnt do it…
when the other day I saw Trapdor records ticket contest on Reddit I just wanted to hear what music they push… Heard a lot of cool tracks and new artists but when I listened to ItsNates lyrics that one piece of vocal said in loud voice … djRashad tribute footwork track… so I did it… man I really hope all you footwork and juke kids wont hate me for it since its my first footwork track :) Amma certainly make more tracks with this groove since Im hooked now…

this track is free! IF you want to support me enter 0 for price and just leave your mail on my bandcamp … Cheers
(if you dont and just want this tribute track here you go http://www.mediafire.com/listen/xiusl6ic9…oul_Zon3_mp3.mp3 …. please repost and hit that like, thanks)

Samples from ItsNate track “Got You Right” prod.Selasse – courtesy of TrapDoor Records

TW : twitter.com/don_D_selectah

WORLD PREMIERE #dEATHgRIPS #rEMIX by @don_D_selectah // FREE TRACK ///

My name is


This is …

what it is …
untill #dEath#gRips$ us all …..
sry on that dark screwd up intro, lets carry on ……

Some1 correct me when I say thi$$$ is my best production so far!!
And its yours fo FREE… follow the links on soundcloud…

Long live Death Grips ….
Truly a very cool, tho somewhat dark band of Steffan Burnett aka Mc Ride, Zach Hill and Andy Morin aka Flatlander..


No Love when Trap Grips

Habanero pile
All people that dig Death Grips and real wikkid Trap are gonna be having a nice day indeed! (all that press play on my next upload at least) … still too few, hopefully that is about to change ….
Stay real real reeeaaalll
tuned da fuck in!
and yes, those are my homegrown habaneros … check ‘em out

(((New Track))) Don D Selectah – Thai Flip #future #dub #bass #street #club

Holla wordpress…

I have a new track Id like to share with all yall.
I decided to make an unusal track in regards to my recent works.
Its on a DUB note but I call it Ultra Slow Bass Whine …
Got a better idea or its already a genre and Im slow??? Holla at me :)


NEW @don_D_selectah (((#REMIX))) ! Goldtop ft.Souljaboy for @DirtyDuckAudio

Lets pick up the pace
Here is a really BIG remix I did for this contest by DirtyDuckAudio with Goldtop and Souljaboy – it is a cute 4point collab . LA – NY – ATLANTA – ZAGREB
And thi$$$ is the resulting remix! It is TRAP and STEP kind of deal….
I really hope youre gona pick up on it and share it with everybody!